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Kayangan Security Services Sdn Bhd adops a stringent requirements policy and ensures only the right people with exellent physical attributes, aptitude and attitude are hired for a specific job.

Management Team

  • Consists a highly skilled branch manager and security officers to lead our operation at ground level
  • Consists of highly dedicated and experience personnel who were former Police/Army or other Allied services.
  • Experience on Manpower Management, Fire Safety & Emergency Procedures, Welfares of Staffs, Logistics and others related security subjects
  • All managers/officers are available at anytime via Emergency Hotline or Hand Phones
  • Each assignment is supervised by a Senior Warden who is accountable to the Head of Operation for dicipline of personnel under his charge and their daily performance

Security Guard

  • All our trained guards are aged 25-55 years old.
  • All our guards have undergone Police Vetting
  • Have previous experience in the field of security.
  • Hace minimum basic level of education.

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