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Jerry Axton A/L S. Raiapan

Currently, he is the Secretary of Persatuan Industri Kawalan Selangor (PIKM) . He possesses an impresive track record in helming the development and overall strategic direction and expansion of security organizations besides steering them into being in the forefront of the security industry. Jerry Axton is a visionary man who never rest on his laurels and always strives to upgrades his knowledge on state of the arts security services. His attention to detail in ensuring excellent in service is exemplary . He is also certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist by Interpol.

Experience & Activities

Jerry Axton ( B.Eng (Hons) , CCPO ) has extensive experience of more than 15 years and is highly regarded as one of the prominent expert in the Security Industry with his dynamic operational and management skills coupled with his astute business acumen and ability to capitalize on Industry requirements.